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3D technology serving medicine

3D printing applied to the medical world

SolidWorld GROUP dedicates a specific division to advanced technologies and services aimed at the medical world. Through 3D printers, specialized software and adequate training, it offers all the support necessary for the development of a new medicine, built on the needs of the individual patient.

Doctors and researchers are using 3D printing to replicate the appearance and texture of bones, organs, and tissues in order to perform less invasive procedures and improve diagnosis and surgical planning.

3D anatomical models

Technology at the service of medicine

Bio3DModel is the SolidWorld Group company dedicated to services for the medical world, which is bringing innovations to the world of medicine that will revolutionize surgery in the near future. We provide technologies, software, services but above all adequate education and training for the development of a new medicine, built on the needs of the individual patient.

The Stratasys Digital Anatomy printers can reproduce external and internal models of body parts that can be used for study purposes, practice, and to facilitate communication with patients and families.

3D Bioprinting: The new frontiers of regenerative medicine

Biocompatible tissues

Bio3DPrinting is the first in the world to offer Electrospider, an innovative biofabrication technology that allows you to deposit fibers in space in a controlled way, print 3D structures through microextrusion of multimaterials, combine electrofiltering and microextrusion.

This innovative 3D bioprinting platform allows us to take a step forward against the issue of large-scale and multi-material biomanufacturing.

Discover Electrospider

Electrospider is an innovative biofabrication technology capable of generating 3D cellular constructs having the complex topology of human tissues.

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