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Innovation, passion and sustainability in the energy future

Technological transformation and business innovation

In a world facing increasingly complex energy challenges, our mission is to drive change through advanced solar technology. Passion for Green Technology is the driving force behind our innovations in the energy sector, transforming the challenge for a better future into a tangible reality.



Reduce energy consumption

Photovoltaics allows us to reduce energy consumption, efficiently and cleanly exploiting the power of the sun to meet our daily energy needs.


Reduce costs

Investing in photovoltaic means significantly reducing long-term costs, thanks to the production of energy from an inexhaustible and free source such as the sun.


Environmental sustainability

A real concrete step towards environmental sustainability, which contributes to reducing environmental impact and feeding our world in an eco-friendly way.

Towards a sustainable future

We bring about change through innovation and intelligent solar energy management. Solar energy is not simply a source of energy; it is a green wave driving our transition to a more sustainable world.

With our passion and commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies, we aspire to become market leaders, shaping a brighter future for the next generations. Together, we can create a world where green technology is not just an option, but the solution for a healthier, more prosperous planet.

Advanced solar technology

Our added value manifests itself through an integrated and advanced approach to solar technology. We develop automated systems and integrate them with data acquisition to enable continuous improvement and to enhance the reliability and energy performance of the final product.

From the laboratory to mass production, we support our customers’ vision, contributing to the advancement of Back Contact technology. With a portfolio of 120 patents, we are the market leader for integrated systems in the production of photovoltaic modules. We also own advanced intelligent shuttle motion technology that positions us as a world leader in printing precision to support the cell technologies of the future.

Why choose us


Reliability and better energy performance

We develop integrated automation with data acquisition systems to encourage continuous improvement. Our focus is on increasing reliability and energy efficiency through advanced solar technologies.


We support Back Contact technology

We are the point of reference for integrated systems for the production of modules. Our portfolio of 120 patents internationally covers both dedicated automated systems and processes for the production of Back Contact photovoltaic modules.


We accompany customers up to mass production

We work closely with our customers from early development through large-scale production to turn designs and visions into reality, offering advanced technical expertise and successful strategic guidance.


Strategic partner for the production of photovoltaic cells

We are world leaders in the movement of intelligent shuttles that revolutionize the production of photovoltaic cells with highly precise metallization systems, thus contributing to the development of the cellular technologies of the future.

Tomorrow is now!

Explore our solutions and request advice to transform your contribution into concrete action.

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