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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing for industry 4.0

Born as a technology for rapid prototyping, today 3D printing finds new applications in the production sector to give life to a new and revolutionary process, called “Additive Manufacturing“, which makes production fast and convenient and represents an important component of the Industry project 4.0.

3D printing technology offers a versatile solution to meet various job demands, ranging from capturing the intricate surfaces of physical objects in three dimensions to generating CAD models. Whether it’s crafting prototypes for product development or producing essential parts and equipment for manufacturing, 3D printing machines provide a flexible and efficient means to address diverse requirements.

Professional 3D printers

3D printing is evolving quickly and revolutionizing the production and design processes of many industrial sectors. 3D printers are able to reproduce objects quickly starting from a real prototype, providing detailed functional and structural information on design and engineering projects.

Industrial 3D printers

Industrial 3D printers are characterized by high performance and precision and represent a revolution in manufacturing, offering a wide range of possibilities in the manufacturing industry. 3D printers enable the creation of complex, customized three-dimensional objects using a variety of materials such as plastics and metals.

This technology has emerged as a versatile solution for custom manufacturing and reducing development time, enabling companies to quickly obtain functional prototypes, streamline business processes, and open up new perspectives in component design and manufacturing.


3D printers for prototyping

3D printers for prototyping offer an innovative approach that enables engineers and designers to quickly turn conceptual ideas into physical prototypes. The flexibility of these printers allows them to use a wide range of materials, enabling them to faithfully replicate the desired characteristics of the final product.

The ability to create prototypes in-house eliminates dependence on third parties, reducing production time and associated costs. 3D printers for prototyping are indispensable tools for testing and refining a product design, enabling them to accelerate the development cycle and stimulate innovation in industrial prototyping.

3D Printers for Additive Manufacturing

3D printers play a central role in Additive Manufacturing, offering a revolutionary approach to component manufacturing. This additive manufacturing technology introduces unprecedented flexibility in creating complex geometries and innovative designs, reducing material waste and improving the efficiency of the production process.

This additive manufacturing technology introduces unprecedented flexibility in creating complex geometries and innovative designs, reducing material waste and improving the efficiency of the production process.


3D printing for medicine

SolidWorld GROUP dedicates a specific division to advanced technologies and services aimed at the medical world.

New sustainable approaches of 3D printing

Wood 3D printer

Wood 3D printers represent a significant step towards a circular economy by allowing the creation of components using wood dust from previous processing waste. This innovative technology paves the way for a sustainable approach, allowing waste to be reduced and materials and resources to be managed responsibly.

This technology offers ecological benefits and creative opportunities in the design and production of customized, high-quality wood components for various applications, such as interior design, automotive, home luxury, furniture, and wood components.


3D printers for textiles

Fabric 3D printers are revolutionizing the world of fashion and interior design by enabling direct printing on a variety of textile materials. This technology offers the possibility of choosing from a wide range of 3D printing fabrics and enables the creation of top-notch design products with accurate details and extreme realism.
Using a specially designed professional system, it ensures realistic colors and the creation of unique designs that enhance aesthetic taste, turning ideas into reality through 3D printing on fabric.

3D Scanner

From the real world to the 3D CAD model. 

Discover the 3D Scanner world.

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