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Digital Factory

Increase your business with the digital factory

Technological transformation and business innovation

The digital factory is the production reality which, through the collection, management and interpretation of data, is able to use new technologies and working methodologies, in order to make production processes more flexible and efficient. In the Industry 4.0 era, the company transforms and adopts a new model of work organization and management, revolutionizing the relationship between man and machine.

The importance of data in industrial automation



Through the production of small batches at large scale costs with reduced set up times



A constant and high production speed, with quality always guaranteed and controlled



Process automation guarantees 24/7 production in one or more unattended shifts



Quality control and repair during all phases reduce product waste



Reduction in product cost thanks to greater productivity and less waste, limiting waste

Application areas


We accompany companies in the process of digital transformation of their production lines by drawing up an industrial development strategy. We support our customers with project management and mechatronic engineering services to guide production companies in the strategy of digital automation of production assets.

We work in close collaboration with the client to understand his needs and expectations regarding the technological innovation of his business, becoming an integral part of the project. We believe that synergy, preparation, training, problem solving and timely planning are the recipe for success.


We are specialists in the programming of anthropomorphic robots and in the engineering of software for industrial machines with the related supply of control panels and on-board machines. Our software manages the data collected by machine IoT.

A decade of experience in the design of electrical panels for industrial automation, even those of high complexity and technological content, makes us leaders in the software programming of automatic machines and lines and production processes of systems using mechatronics and robots, completing with supervision and control remote.


We implement and customize a complete production management system. Through the acquisition of data from interconnected machines, the software is able to monitor and streamline the entire production chain.

Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIAWorks manufacturing ERP solutions are all brought together in a single collaborative platform that connects the entire design process to the manufacturing process. This fully integrated production system allows you to better manage all activities and is complete and suitable for every manufacturing sector.

Discover DELMIAWorks

The integrated DELMIAWORKS ERP system is specifically designed to simplify all production processes. Get advice and learn how to increase your business productivity!

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