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Biomedical 3D Printing

3D technology at the service of medicine

3D printers for anatomical models that simulate human tissue

Bio3DModel, specialized in 3D printing applications in the medical field, was created to bring skills, technologies, software and above all training to the world of medicine. Using the most innovative 3D technologies, it allows clinics, hospitals and companies in the medical sector to achieve greater productivity, simplification of workflow, more satisfied patients and staff with specialized training. The process, aimed at improving medical capabilities and therefore reducing risks for patients, is closely related to hospitalization costs which are reduced by 70%.

Medical applications of 3D printing with advanced innovative materials

The Bio3DModel Competence Center is equipped with cutting-edge 3D printers for medical and surgical applications. Located a few kilometers from Florence, it is a real technological hub specialized in the medical applications of 3D printers which operates in collaboration with the two important medical centers.
From visualization to anatomical simulation with latest generation 3D printers that reproduce the consistency and appearance of organs and bones.
3D printing with advanced innovative materials, designed specifically for medical applications, allows you to obtain extremely realistic structures and behaviors.

Realistic 3D anatomical models

Reproduce organs and bones with accurate and realistic 3D printed models for the study of personalized patient care or the development of medical devices.
Anatomical models 3D printed with the innovative Stratasys J750 DAP reproduce realistic biomechanics and tactile sensations. This allows doctors, researchers and medical equipment manufacturers to work quickly, carry out extensive testing and customize devices for patient therapy. Practical experience is essential for doctors and surgeons, but traditional anatomical models are often very expensive. 3D printing with materials that simulate human tissues, biocompatible materials and sterilizable materials helps the rapid production of prostheses, surgical guides and the study of personalized treatments with models obtained from diagnostic images that reproduce the real case.

Surgical planning and training

Increase the safety of medical staff in the most complex interventions with 3D models created on a patient’s anatomy and his clinical needs.
In a field where innovation can help save lives, 3D printing allows doctors and researchers to work quickly, train effectively and personalize devices like never before.
3D print surgical guides and models for the study of specific pathologies


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