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Footprint and Technological centres

Unifying all the innovations in the 3D realm within a single group

Spanning from North to South, our 15 Operations Offices and 3 Technology Centres seamlessly guide companies across the country through their Smart Manufacturing integration journey.

Discover SolidWorld GROUP's headquarters and technological centres in Italy and abroad


Our Technology Centres dedicated to 3D printing

The Technology Centres serve as dedicated hubs encompassing all phases of Digital Manufacturing, representing the core of Industry 4.0. Our technology hubs converge the finest 3D technologies, poised to deliver business-centric services, supported by a proficient and qualified staff.

Ponzano Veneto Technological Centre (TV)

Tecnologia & Design and SolidWorld GROUP

Production Plant:
Total area of 2000 m²

Core business:
Located within the Technologia & Design facility, our 3D Digital Laboratory stands as a premier hub for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Scanning. Within the facility, technologically-advanced machines are exclusively dedicated to 3D printing services, 3D scanning, design, and training activities—all seamlessly managed in collaboration with SolidWorld GROUP. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has chosen this Centre as the exclusive reference point in Italy for the Global Manufacturing Network—a network distinguished for its technological centres of excellence. ISO9001:2015 certified center for Additive Manufacturing productions.

Bentivoglio Technological Hub (BO)


SolidWorld GROUP, SolidCam and Energy Group

Production Plant:
Total area of 3.500 m²

Core business:

Hub of expertise seamlessly integrating advanced 3D technologies. Technology Centre hosts both group and individual courses conducted by trained and certified technicians. Each of the companies of the group provides comprehensive training courses tailored to every skill level and requirement. Multimedia events are organizad that are informative, combining both technical and specialized aspects. Campus-Xperts are held that combine specialized technical training with machine tool operation. Periodic demonstration events are collaboratively organized with top machine tool manufacturers. Stratasys Application Engineer certification provides customers with top-level consulting and training. Our dimensional qualification service ensures the certification of 3D printed parts.

Sambuca Technological Hub (FI)

Bio3DModel and Bio3DPrinting

Production Plant:
Total area of 251 m²

Core business:
Specialized hub of expertise in the biomedical field. It aids clinics and hospital centers in preoperative analysis by converting tomography scans and MRIs of patients’ organs into 3D digital models. Subsequently, these models are printed using human tissue-like materials, providing surgeons with enhanced insights into complex operations. This approach significantly improves safety and execution speed during surgical procedures.

We prioritize sustainability

Thinking, eco-designing, building and printing: 3D digital process becomes green!
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