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SolidWorld GROUP’s 3D Process is not just innovative; it embodies a commitment to environmental sustainability

Thinking, eco-designing, building and printing: digital 3D process embraces sustainability

We are dedicated to fostering and bolstering innovation in the design and production departments
of Italy’s most cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, all through a sustainable lens.

Be sustainable

We maintain offices in all major Italian industrial regions and operate four key Tecnhological Centres. From the installation of photovoltaic panels to the reduction of raw material, from enhancing disposal practices to zero-mile production, SolidWorld GROUP prioritizes sustainability from the very inception of a product. With this commitment in mind, we collaborate with several Italian universities and entities that specialize in supporting companies in the ecological transition, such as RI.Circulate. This synergy is essential for shaping products with a proactive consideration of their eventual disposal.

Go sustainable

The evolving market compels us to seek new solutions for aggregating information, enhancing efficiency, precisely assessing product performance, and planning, right from the outset, every stage of its life cycle. In today’s landscape, creating a new product involves approaching it through the lens of a circular economy, necessitating consideration not just for its entire life cycle but also for its ultimate disposal. Because for us, “digital factory” is synonymous with both modernity and efficiency, as well as sustainability. We create the factory of the future.

EcoDesign involves creating a product while contemplating its end-of-life disposal right from the beginning

Our objective is to expedite the production process, optimizing functionality and efficiency, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

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