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Unified in a single platform, every facet of business seamlessly converges for streamlined operations and comprehensive management. A revolution for business and innovation.

Make the most of the full power of 3DEXPERIENCE Works

3DEXPERIENCE Works   consente di condividere progetti e accedere ad un ampio portafoglio di applicazioni in un unico software. This makes it possible to work with modern technology and save time

3DEXPERIENCE facilitates seamless connection and collaboration within a unified cloud platform, empowering the entire organization to stay current and drive ongoing innovation.

How does it work?

3DEXPERIENCE Works provides access from anywhere, anytime, and from any device to a broad portfolio of interconnected tools to manage every aspect of the product lifecycle.

With 3DEXPERIENCE Works, your teams gain access to strong capabilities encompassing design (SOLIDWORKS), simulation (SIMULIAWORKS), manufacturing (DELMIAWORKS), and comprehensive data and product lifecycle management (ENOVIAWORKS).

3DEXPERIENCE Works Solutions.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio seamlessly merges the user-friendly experience of SOLIDWORKS with cutting-edge applications linked to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. This integration is designed to be fully cohesive, fostering innovation and expediting every facet of the product development process.


The structural simulation solutions within SOLIDWORKS provide an extensive array of capabilities for structural analysis, empowering informed design decisions and enhancing overall product performance and quality. The advanced cloud capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation (Simulia) provide integrated analysis tools for every designer, engineer and analyst.

With Simulia you can test and validate your products faster and build virtual prototyping and realistic simulation applications in the cloud.

Design and Engineering

Designers and engineers require optimal tools and solutions to craft the next high-quality product, bring it to market successfully, and fulfill the evolving needs of customers. 3DEXPERIENCE Works enables the swift and effortless creation and sharing of designs across the entire product development phase.

SOLIDWORKS’ intuitive product development and 3D design solutions facilitate the conceptualization, creation, validation, communication, management, and transformation of innovative ideas into outstanding product designs—all within a single cloud platform.

Collaboration and governance

Collaboration and secure multi CAD data management features allow you to interact with stakeholders in real time in a single environment on the cloud. With secure storage and collaborative sharing, stakeholders have a protected environment for seamless collaboration, iteration, and innovation using real-time, accessible data from any location at any time.

With 3DEXPERIENCE you can connect and collaborate in a single platform on the cloud, enabling the entire organization to stay current and continue to innovate.

Production and Manufacturing

Efficient production is essential for translating even the most innovative ideas into reality. Companies need a set of tools that enable design and production teams to work simultaneously, from ERP to the shop floor.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio simplifies communication between departments to identify and reduce manufacturability errors at any stage and helps speed release to production. With 3DEXPERIENCE Works you can bridge the gap between design and production processes quickly and easily, all in a single cloud platform shared with your colleagues.

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