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A complete 3D CAD software that assists the entire product design process step by step

The new generation of SOLIDWORKS is born

The new era of SOLIDWORKS is born, more powerful, faster and more efficient, revolutionizing the world of 3D design thanks to the new integrated collaborative tools of 3DEXPERIENCE. From now on with SOLIDWORKS you will have the following advantages:


Real-time collaboration

Improve collaboration between company departments and teams by reducing errors and making work scalable


Accessibility to projects

Improve project accessibility and connect design and data management


New data management

Optimize and simplify the coding process with new data management integrated with PDM/PLM


Single platform

Store data in one place improving the entire product development cycle



It is the 3D design solution for quickly creating 2D parts, assemblies and drawings that require minimal training, with specific tools for sheet metal and welding, surfacing and stamping.

SOLIDWORKS Professional

It builds on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard to increase design productivity with file management tools, advanced photorealistic rendering, and automatic cost estimating.


It is the complete 3D design solution with effective simulation tools, reverse engineering and advanced features for designing piping and cabling systems.

Free trial

Request your 15-day free trial and start discovering the advantages of using SOLIDWORKS CAD3D in the Premium version.

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The SOLIDWORKS portfolio

SOLIDWORKS is a complete CAD which, thanks to the modules of which it is composed, assists the entire product design process step by step: from the concept to the simulation and environmental impact assessment, from the publication of technical manuals to the creation of inspection documentation.

Discover the entire SOLIDWORKS CAD3D suite to grow your business.


Simulation tools are ideal for increasing product quality and reducing prototyping times and costs. SOLIDWORKS has several simulation modules that allow you to examine the real behavior of a product during the design phase to improve its reliability in the most cost-effective way.


It allows you to examine the real-world behavior of a product and improve its reliability, providing accurate results for a wide range of study types, from basic linear static analysis to more complex dynamic and nonlinear analysis.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Simplify computational fluid dynamics calculations to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing problems by quickly and easily simulating fluid flow, heat transfer, and fundamental fluid forces.


Optimizes the design of plastic parts and injection molds, making design quality assessment quick and easy and eliminating costly mold rework.


Performs advanced analyzes to evaluate structural strength, fluid dynamics, thermals, acoustics and many other aspects of product performance, optimizing design and predicting product behavior.

Data management

Data management solutions, also known as PDM (Product Data Management), offer designers and engineers a simple way to collaborate on product design, optimize the management, organization and storage of company data.


It allows you to manage, store and organize CAD design data, user and group permissions, workflow processes, significantly reducing the time spent searching for parts, assemblies and drawings.


SOLIDWORKS Manage offers a unique set of advanced data management tools that includes or oversees the global file management and application integrations offered by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

SOLIDWORKS Exalead One Part

Speed up the reuse of existing parts, 2D/3D designs, and engineering, manufacturing, and procurement documentation by gathering information from multiple sources that are immediately available and actionable.

Technical communication

The SOLIDWORKS communication modules offer several features that help reduce the time you need to create technical documentation. These tools use CAD data to create instruction manuals, control documents, annotations, photorealistic renderings, interactive animations, and high-resolution images.


Create technical communications and product documentation, even complex ones, in a clear and effective way. With Composer you can obtain exploded and detailed views, high resolution images and create interactive animations.


It allows you to simplify and speed up the transition from design to production thanks to the possibility of managing product and manufacturing information directly in 3D, thus reducing all the critical issues typical of 2D drawings.


It is the tool that allows you to create very high quality visual content using CAD data directly. Visualize is ideal for creating photorealistic renderings, illustrations and animations quickly and easily.


Facilitates and speeds up the production of control documents, balloon drawings and inspection reports necessary to verify that manufactured parts meet design specifications.


It is the tool dedicated to communicating and sharing 2D and 3D design data with all those involved in product development, as well as with customers, partners and suppliers.

Electrical design

Simplify electrical system design with intelligent tools, a comprehensive parts database, and real-time integration of 2D schematics and 3D models.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical design features make it easier and more intuitive to develop integrated electrical systems and create wiring or multi-wire diagrams.

SOLIDWORKS for schools

Discover the solutions available for schools and universities.


Complete CAD teaching tool that includes software, a guide, and interactive training materials. It is the single resource for learning 3D mechanical CAD, design validation, and data management.


SOLIDWORKS Research offers researchers the latest in 3D design software technology, comprehensive technical support resources, and allows them to communicate with other users around the world.

CSWA Certification Program

The CSWA certification program is in preparation for the SOLIDWORKS proficiency exam. It is aimed at professionals and students with basic knowledge of fundamental principles and design practices.


Discover the power of design with 3DEXPERIENCE, a single platform where you can share, create and collaborate in the cloud.

Services and Training

SolidWorld GROUP supports its customers at all times by providing professional assistance and consultancy in the use of the proposed solutions and by organizing highly qualified training courses also in preparation for the CSWA certification.

Customer service

With our assistance service we are able to help you choose the best solution based on your needs. By joining the 3Dplatinumservice maintenance contract our customers can access the Reserved Area and take advantage of remote support.


SolidAcademy is at our customers' side at all times, offering a complete training program on 3D design with SOLIDWORKS ranging from basic to more advanced courses and making SolidFacile, the platform with over 2000 video tutorials in Italian, available to them.


Every month we organize webinars held by our experts specialized in SOLIDWORKS to present the different modules of the most used 3D CAD software in the world. They are free, they are always recorded and give the opportunity to ask questions live to the speaker.

add a workstation

By inserting one or more SOLIDWORKS stations it will no longer be necessary to remember the individual expiration dates because they will all have a single renewal date. Furthermore, you can optimize costs by adding only the necessary stations at any time.

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Watch the videos to discover all the new features of the new SOLIDWORKS 2023 version.

Authorized Reseller SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorld GROUP is “Authorized Reseller SOLIDWORKS” for Italy and “Certified Training and Support Provider“, a certification that attests to the quality of the service and facilities offered for training and customer assistance.

FAQ - Buying Guide

When you decide to use SOLIDWORKS for your design team, you can choose to purchase or rent licenses. They are divided into two types:

  • Term license, they have an expiry date and can be renewed annually. The initial investment is significantly advantageous and is ideal for startups and freelancers;
  • Perpetual license, it does not expire and is the most popular choice for SOLIDWORKS users, as even if the initial investment is greater, in the long term the total cost will be much lower.

Network or SNL licensing allows you to extend your investment across your entire team as it relies on sharing SOLIDWORKS on the same network as other users. The Network license allows multiple users to access the software at the same time, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

SOLIDWORKS licenses are available in 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Premium. to discover more >>

Buy SOLIDWORKS with the maintenance contract will allow you to download software updates for free, access the SolidWorld GROUP support plan via WebPortal or by telephone, participate for free in all on-site and online training courses and access the SOLIDWORKS community to stay up to date on the latest news.

Innovative Start Ups and SMEs

For early-stage startups who meet the eligibility criteria, the 3DEXPERIENCE Works for Startups program offers free software, training and marketing resources to help you succeed.

3D Platinum Service

The assistance and training plan that makes the difference!

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