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The integrated ERP solution to simplify the production process

The integrated manufacturing ERP system

DELMIAWorks‘ manufacturing ERP solutions are all brought together in a single collaborative platform that links the entire design process to the manufacturing process. This fully integrated production system allows you to better manage all activities and is complete and suitable for every manufacturing sector.

DELMIAWorks advantages


Comprehensive control

Supervise and track work-in-process and production status in real-time



Controls material availability and promptly identifies and addresses bottlenecks



Effectively reduces waste, minimizes downtime, and exercises precise control over production costs.



Enables consistent and timely communications throughout the supply chain

DELMIAWorks functionalities

The DELMIAWORKS ERP system is tailored for your factory environment, streamlining processes across sales, order processing, finance, human resources, planning, production, inventory, procurement, and more. It serves as the cornerstone for enhancing visibility, facilitating execution, and fostering communication of manufacturing activities and data across the entire supply chain.

ERP Products

Tailored to each manufacturing sector, DELMIAWorks’ ERP solution is comprehensive and innovative. It adopts a unified database approach, eradicating data silos and the need for expensive third-party integrations. The systems included in DELMIAWorks are:

Implement DELMIAWorks

Choose DELMIAWorks to improve your company’s production process and stay ahead of the curve.

ERP solutions for manufacturing

Productive processes

DELMIAWorks ERP software is specific to each sector of the manufacturing industry, ensuring on-time delivery and order accuracy. DELMIAWorks remains at the forefront of industry developments, continuously enhancing the functionality of its ERP software to further streamline production processes.

The key domains where this ERP system finds application encompass:

  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Molding and metal
  • Packaging manufacturing
  • Manufacturing (rubber, silicone, PVC, steel, aluminum, gold, etc.)

Consumer goods and packaging

DELMIAWorks equips consumer packaged goods manufacturers with essential tools to navigate evolving challenges such as safety regulations, ingredient quality and traceability, shelf life monitoring, recipe management, and seasonal demand forecasting.

Specifically, it excels in the production of packaged foods by adeptly handling ingredient tracking and shelf life monitoring. It proves particularly well-suited for packaging production, offering optimal control over batch and serial tracking, labeling, and packaging processes.

Automotive industry

Per aumentare il loro vantaggio competitivo, gestire le crescenti richieste dei clienti e rispettare gli standard di settore in continua evoluzione, i principali fornitori del settore automobilistico si rivolgono a DELMIAWorks per le funzionalità ERP specifiche del settore.

By facilitating real-time data exchange between customers and suppliers, DELMIAWorks ensures the visibility required to establish trust and become a reliable supplier within the automotive supply chain. Remaining attuned to industry needs propels continuous software enhancement, ensuring a high-performance solution that delivers tangible and substantial results.

Medical industry

DELMIAWorks is the trusted choice for medical device and pharmaceutical companies, addressing their critical requirements such as managing medical device compliance and ensuring supply chain traceability. This empowers them to mitigate risks and minimize manufacturing errors effectively.

Medical device manufacturers operate in one of the most competitive and highly regulated industries in the world, where success can depend on time-to-market. Therefore, medical device quality and traceability are critical success factors for them, and DELMIAWorks can support them at all stages of production.

Aerospace industry

DELMIAWorks is a comprehensive solution to help aerospace and defense manufacturers manage cost challenges, meet rigorous delivery schedules and regulatory requirements. A complete system that offers a single source for all your data, from production to distribution.

DELMIAWorks assists companies in preventing errors with aerospace and defense industry-specific manufacturing ERP software, fostering a flexible and streamlined production process.

Need more information?

Reach out to us to discover how DELMIAWorks solutions can address and overcome your manufacturing challenges by seamlessly connecting the entire production process.

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