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Corriere del Veneto Economy section: 3D printing runs alongside the supply crisis

Corriere del Veneto, Economy section, pages 1 and 15, October 13, 2021

The supply crisis drives 3D printing

In an interview with Corriere del Veneto – Corriere della Sera on page 15 of Corriere del Veneto (with reference on the front page), the article by Gianni Favero discusses 3D printing as a solution to the supply crisis.

“In the components sector, it’s been several months not only the microchip has been struggling, but also mechanical parts. However, if a company capable of producing small and medium batches of objects necessary for its production, whether in polymer or metal, is established, it no longer makes sense to turn to Asian suppliers.”

Founder and Chairperson of SolidWorld GROUP, Roberto Rizzo
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