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Innovation, 3D training, and a forward-looking perspective: these were the topics discussed during the meeting between Councilor Donazzan and SolidWorld GROUP Chairperson Roberto Rizzo.

Councilor Donazzan visiting the technological hub of SolidWorld GROUP

November 17, 2021 | Ponzano – Treviso

The Assessor for Labor, Education, and Training of the Veneto Region, Elena Donazzan, visited the headquarters of Technology & Design in Ponzano (TV) a few days ago, one of the technological hubs of SolidWorld GROUP.

The group’s Chairperson, Roberto Rizzo, showed her the functioning of what is a true Digital Factory 4.0. The Councilor was able to trace the development process of a product, from the phases of reverse engineering and modeling to 3D printing, with all its variety of available processes and materials, which today allow reaching a print quality practically equal to traditional serial production. Mr. Pagnossin, Director of Technology & Design, explained how local companies are reaching increasingly higher levels in terms of efficiency and reduced times in prototyping and small-batch production thanks to 3D design and printing technologies.

The topic of education was one of the main subjects discussed during the meeting, as one of the primary goals of the Assessor is to promote proper education to ensure both youth employment and the profiles required by the industry of the future. SolidWorld GROUP employs high-level professional profiles and trains those of its clients, collaborating with over 200 universities and technical institutes to disseminate the essential skills for Industry 4.0, a significant resource in this regard.

It is always a pleasure to get to know companies like this one,” highlighted Assessor Donazzan at the end of the visit, “capable of leveraging innovation to create a dynamic and successful work environment, focusing on the growth of their employees. This is an example of how growth can be ensured by investing in one’s workforce, which becomes an important element in ensuring support for client companies as well. In the discussion with the company, I particularly appreciated the attention to young people in schools. Attention is not only reserved for the staff and future employees, but above all to the youngsters in order to broaden digital culture and educate on new technologies. All this, today more than ever, must become a universal language.

We are pleased to have met the Assessor,” concluded Chairperson Rizzo – and to have discussed with her the evolution of our world and our needs regarding institutional initiatives. In the DNA of our Group, there is a constant vocation for innovation and a forward-looking perspective, but we are also a company deeply rooted in the territory, and we are aware that collaboration with all its players is needed for our vision to trigger shared development in the social and economic fabric.

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