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Electrospider, the Corriere della Sera interview with chairperson Roberto Rizzo.

The aeronautical engineer who wants to revolutionize transplants: 'I produce printers designed to create organs for bodies.'"

Roberto Rizzo, Chairperson of SolidWorld GROUP, gave an interview to Corriere della Sera to talk about the new 3D printer Electrospiderprimarily aimed at regenerative medicine, as it is capable of perfectly reproducing 3D cellular constructs. This printer promises to solve two problems in surgery, namely transplantation and rejection.

Four years ago, I started to see the human body as a machine, the most complex one that exists. Forget about the brain, thought, consciousness. I’m talking about organs that perform the most diverse functions and are compacted in a very confined and interconnected environment. So we created a three-dimensional scanning software that transforms tomographies and magnetic resonances into digital models of these organs. Think about the advantages in the case of liver metastases: the surgeon has a perfect model in hand, knows where to cut. And indeed, experimentation has already been useful in cardiac and renal surgeries, in spina bifida cases, and in the separation of conjoined twins.” explains Roberto Rizzo, Chairperson of SolidWorld GROUP.

Article published by Corriere della Sera on 21/03/2023

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