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The mass production of Electrospider has been initiated, the 3D bioprinter that replicates human tissues

Born from the experimental project conducted in collaboration with the University of Pisa, the bioprinter will now be mass-produced

Bio3DPrinting, a company within the SolidWorld GROUP, has initiated the production of Electrospider, the 3D bioprinter capable of producing tissues using the patient’s own cells for implantation. After a long and meticulous experimental phase, mass production of Electrospider has been initiated, with a production capacity of 12 printers in this initial phase.

The 3D bioprinter Electrospider

Electrospider is the 3D bioprinter born from the synergistic collaboration between the world of research, academia, and industry, with the company playing a leading role Bio3DPrinting, with a manufacturing facility in Barberino Tavarnelle (FI) and belonging to the SolidWorld GROUP, listed on the Euronect Growth segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, and the Biofabrication group of th Research Center ‘E. Piaggio’ of the University of Pisa, directed by Professor Giovanni Vozzi.

The only 3D bioprinter in the world capable of f recreating biological tissues compatible with humans, thanks to the printing of innovative hydrogels loaded with subject cells, Electrospider can have various applications: in the biomedical field, in the long term, the goal is to reconstruct organs and tissues for transplantation starting from the patient’s own cells or even from relatives, significantly reducing hospitalization times. Particularly, today Electrospider is highly useful in oncology, as it can create smaller tissue structures to test the effectiveness of therapy before applying them to the patient.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, tissue replication allows for testing drugs, creams, and products, making them safer for humans. Finally, it can also be used in the fashion industry, where it will be possible to create accessories and leather goods starting from animal biopsies.

Roberto Rizzo, founder and chairperson of SolidWorld GROUP commented: “3D bioprinting, although a relatively new technology, represents a groundbreaking evolution for the biofabrication of functional tissues serving Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetic research, and the testing and production processes of drugs and cosmetic products. Electrospider is the first multi-scale, multi-material 3D bioprinting technology capable of generating 3D cellular constructs with the complex topology of human tissues. This is a true revolution in the world of 3D printing for medical purposes that the SolidWorld group is able to make available to the most important healthcare facilities worldwide..

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