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Inizia la distribuzione in Italia della Stratasys J850 TechStyle, in grado di realizzare decorazioni su tessuti con tecnologia additiva.

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Treviso, May 16, 2023 – Solid World Group S.p.A. (ticker S3D) (the “Company”), parent of a leading digital technologies, 3D printing and additive manufacturing Group, announces that it has begun distribution in Italy of an innovative 3D printer that makes decorated fabrics. The subsidiary Energy Group S.r.l., based in Bentivoglio in the province of Bologna, shall market it on the Italian market.

It is the Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D printer, a 3D printer with 3DFashion technology and multi-material capabilities that can make designs and decorations directly on fabrics. With this additive technology it will be possible to make luxury clothing, footwear and accessories, offering results otherwise impossible with conventional production methods. All through Solid World Group’s proprietary design and management software. The printer has a value
of Euro 400 thousand

The operation of the printer is through a fully digitized process. The design of the pattern to be imprinted on the fabric is made with CAD software to be then made with the 3D printer directly on the fabric to be enhanced. The polymer attaches to the material
during processing, in an area selected by the operator, and hardens during the printing process.

The printer is capable of making decorations with more than 600,000 colors in a printing area as large as 2 square meters. The printer cabinet contains 7 material cartridges, starting from vivid
colors to fully transparent, capable of supporting any design, including textures with both rigid and flexible materials.

SolidWorld Group Chairperson Roberto Rizzo comments: “3D printing is now an advanced technology that can support businesses in various sectors. The luxury fashion industry is a driving sector for the world economy, and for this sector also 3D printing offers new and innovative possibilities for those in the industry. Making decorations directly on fabrics, with 3D printing technology, allows stylists on the one hand to give room for creativity in hitherto unexplored forms.
On the other hand, it is a sustainability-oriented choice, as this technology avoids material waste by making full use of available resources.”


SolidWorld Group S.p.A. is the parent of a group of 11 companies founded in the early 2000s by engineer Roberto Rizzo Listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment, the Group is a leader in the development and integration of the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital technologies, both in software and hardware, within manufacturing companies to support and accelerate their transformation towards Industry 4.0. Thanks to SolidWorld, all stages of a product’s production, from manufacturing to sales and recycling, are integrated through technologies that make the production process faster, more sustainable, and efficient. Operating through 14 locations and 3 technological hubs, it boasts over 150 employees and serves more than 8,000 client companies. The SolidWorld Group reported revenues of Euro 57.7 million in 2022, with a value of production of Euro 60.8 million and EBITDA of Euro 4.1 million. Since July 6, 2022, the company has been listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment of the Italian Stock Exchange (ticker symbol S3D).


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