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SolidWorld 3D Bioprinters arrive in Qatar: Five-Year Distribution Agreement Signed with Orion Bostars LLC

The Doha-based Qatar agency will supply SolidWorld’s biomedical products to around 20 hospitals and private clinics in Qatar. SolidWorld Chairperson Roberto Rizzo: “This is a partnership that further consolidates the excellent collaborative relationship between ltaly and Qatar, a country that is investing heavily in "made in Italy” biomedical technologies.

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Treviso, September, 4, 2023 – Solid World Group S.p.A. (ticker S3D) (the “Company”), parent of a leading digital technologies, industrial and biomedical 3D printing and additive manufacturing Group, and producer of the Electrospider, a bio-printer capable of reproducing human cell tissues, announces that it has signed a five-year distribution agreement with ORION BOSTARS LLC, a Doha (Qatar)-based agency to sell SolidWorld’s biomedical products in Qatar.

The ORION BOSTARS agency will represent the Italian company and distribute SolidWorld’s biomedical products within Qatar. This will provide the Company with access to a significant network of potential customers, namely healthcare facilities and medical research institutes operating in Qatar. This is the backdrop to the arrival of the Electrospider, a 3D printer capable of reproducing human cell tissue using additive technology, which was developed through the collaboration between Bio3DPrinting S.r.l., a SolidWorld Group company, and the “E. Piaggio” Research Center at the University of Pisa. The reproductions of human tissues and organs that the Electrospider produces are exact copies of real ones, which can be used to test cancer therapies which are then applied to the patient. The recreation of tissue allows for the testing of some types of drugs, creams and products, ensuring that they are safe for human use and reducing environmental impacts (in particular, avoiding animal experimentation). The long-term objective is to reach a stage where organs and tissues can be printed and implanted directly into patients in the event that a transplant is needed.

ORION BOSTARS may also sell 3D printers distributed by Bio3DModel S.r.l., another member of the SolidWorld Group. These devices are capable of producing replicas of human organs in photopolymer resins which replicate the patient’s organs using X-rays or tomography scans (both in terms of structure and tissue consistency and also including any tumor masses or other trauma), which medical teams can use to conduct preoperative tests. Trade relations between Italy and Qatar are growing rapidly: in 2022 they reached a record level of nearly Euro 8 billion, a 141% increase on 2021. Italy is the world’s fourth largest exporter to Qatar and the largest in Europe1.

Solid World Group Chairperson Roberto Rizzo: “This agreement will enable Solid World’s biomedical products to reach the health facilities of one of the leading Arab nations in the field of medical research. Made in Italy therefore constitutes excellence that is globally recognized and appreciated, particularly in the area of cutting-edge technologies.

We are convinced that internationalization is the right approach to pursue the significant growth targets that our Group intends to achieve, and as such we are focusing our efforts in that direction.”

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SolidWorld Group S.p.A. SolidWorld Group S.p.A. leads a consortium of 11 companies founded in the early 2000s by engineer Roberto Rizzo. Listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment, the Group is a leader in the development and integration of the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital technologies, both in software and hardware, within manufacturing companies to support and accelerate their transformation towards Industry 4.0. Thanks to SolidWorld, all stages of a product’s production, from manufacturing to sales and recycling, are integrated through technologies that make the production process faster, more sustainable, and efficient. Operating through 14 locations and 3 technological hubs, it boasts over 150 employees and serves more than 9,000 client companies. In 2023, the group commenced serial production of Electro Spider, a 3D bioprinter capable of replicating human tissues and organs. In 2023, the acquisition of Valore BF 3d S.r.l. was successfully completed, further expanding SolidWorld’s customer base. In the first half of 2023, the SolidWorld Group recorded revenues of €33.1 million, a production value of approximately €35.2 million, with an EBITDA of €2.8 million. Since July 6, 2022, the company has been listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment of the Italian Stock Exchange (ticker symbol S3D).


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