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Arriva da Meta il nuovo ed innovativo progetto legato all’Intelligenza Artificiale che punta a realizzare cellule umane virtuali

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Treviso, October 5, 2023 – Treviso, October 5, 2023 – Meta Platforms Inc. brings forth an innovative project in the field of Artificial Intelligence that could revolutionize the medical industry. Renowned entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (the holding company encompassing Facebook and Instagram, among others), has announced the initiation of a technological program through his non-profit foundation, the ChanZuckerberg Initiative, closely tied to scientific research. This program aims “to build a virtual cell to predict how every cell in the human body behaves, whether healthy or diseased”.
Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan firmly believe in utilizing AI to assist scientists in curing, preventing, or managing any disease within this century. To achieve this goal, they have begun constructing one of the most powerful non-profit AI-related computational clusters in the scientific world, comprising over 1000 GPUs. This cluster will be trained on datasets from a proprietary software tool that has already cataloged approximately 50 million unique cells. The project, that will be utilizing predictive models of human cells, aims to aid researchers in better understanding how the body reacts to diseases or new drugs.

The potential success of this innovative biomedicine project will need testing of the virtual results obtained An operation in which SolidWorld Group is already prepared to participate with its Electrospider, a 3D biomedical printer capable of recreating entire portions of human tissues and organs, for which the company holds a patent in the USA market. Thanks to the technique of bioprinting, Electrospider can produce biological tissues compatible with the human body using the patient’s own cells, which will later be implanted. The medical revolution envisioned by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative aligns perfectly with the innovation of Electrospider, a unique product that could shorten the distance between physical and virtual dimension within the medical sector.


SolidWorld Group S.p.A. SolidWorld Group S.p.A. leads a consortium of 11 companies founded in the early 2000s by engineer Roberto Rizzo Listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment, the Group is a leader in the development and integration of the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital technologies, both in software and hardware, within manufacturing companies to support and accelerate their transformation towards Industry 4.0.
4.0. Thanks to SolidWorld, all stages of a product’s production, from manufacturing to sales and recycling, are integrated through technologies that make the production process faster, more sustainable, and efficient. Operating through 14 locations and 3 technological hubs, it boasts over 150 employees and serves more than 9,000 client companies. In 2023, the group commenced serial production of Electro Spider, a 3D bioprinter capable of replicating
human tissues and organs. In 2023, the acquisition of Valore BF 3d S.r.l. was successfully completed, further expanding SolidWorld’s customer base. In the first
half of 2023, the SolidWorld Group recorded revenues of €33.1 million, a production value of approximately €35.2 million, with an EBITDA of €2.8 million Since July 6, 2022, the company has been listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment of the Italian Stock Exchange (ticker symbol S3D).


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