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SOLIDWORKS Premium is the complete 3D CAD design solution.


SOLIDWORKS Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution with effective simulation and design validation tools, as well as ECAD/MCAD collaboration, reverse engineering and advanced features for piping and wiring system design.

Discover new levels of power and performance from SOLIDWORKS and quickly turn your ideas into finished products!


Libraries and tools for automating the design of rigid pipe and hose routes save time and avoid errors. Complete production information such as tube lengths and tables with data for tube bending can be provided.

The use of standard electrical and electronic component libraries saves time, verification of electrical cable routing at the design stage avoids errors in manufacturing and assembly, and saves costs by estimating the necessary lengths in advance.

Checks for interference during motion, calculates velocities, accelerations, reaction forces in order to size components and actuators, reducing the number of physical prototypes.

Evaluate the environmental impact of your project in real time and set yourself apart from the competition by screening different material, process and production site assumptions, transportation to minimize pollution of the environment and make your contribution to a more sustainable world.

Quickly compute the development of complicated shapes, analyze stress distribution by determining where relief cuts need to be created, export to DXF format for production.

Take control of this crucial task—avoid outsourcing. Within the SOLIDWORKS interface, leverage a straightforward and dependable tool to rapidly evaluate the impact of static loads on your project, ensuring its safety with confidence.

Collaborate seamlessly with anyone and swiftly integrate changes to the project with remarkable efficiency.

Accelerate the design process for extensive layouts and assemblies of machinery and equipment.

Improve rendering speed and more efficient workflow between modeling, rendering and visualization.

SOLIDWORKS Premium makes it easier and faster to create 2D drawings.

Streamline the shift from traditional 2D drawings to Model-Based Definition (MBD) for Model-Based Enterprises (MBEs).

With extended simulation capabilities to handle more use cases and encompass more design scenarios.

SOLIDWORKS Premium enables a smooth transition from CAD drawing to manufacturing.

The New Generation of SOLIDWORKS Premium

The new era of SOLIDWORKS, more powerful, faster and more efficient revolutionizing the world of 3D design with 3DEXPERIENCE‘s new integrated collaborative tools. From now on with SOLIDWORKS you will have the following advantages:


Real-time collaboration

Improve collaboration between company departments and teams by reducing errors and making work scalable


Accessibility to projects

Improve project accessibility and connect design and data management


New data management

Optimize and simplify the coding process with new data management integrated with PDM/PLM


Single platform

Store data in one place improving the entire product development cycle


The assistance and education plan that makes a difference!

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