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SolidWorld GROUP introduces the first Electrospider 3D bioprinter in clinical laboratories

The first 3D bioprinter, patented globally for the creation of implantable human tissues, was presented to the public in a global preview

Barberino Tavarnelle (FI) / Treviso, October 27, 2023SolidWorld GROUP presented today in a world premiere, at the BIO3DModel and Bio3DPrinting Technological Hub, Electrospider“, the first patented 3D bioprinter capable of replicating human cellular tissues.

The revolutionary goal of Electrospider is the creation of complex structures of implantable human organs, representing a step forward in technological progress for the benefit of human life. This innovation will allow the study of complex multicellular tissue samples obtained from patients’ cells, avoiding direct testing on them.

«We are thrilled and proud to officially introduce Electrospider into the Italian medical sector. This innovative technology represents a significant step forward in the reproduction of human tissues and in clinical testing .. We are therefore eager to see how Electrospider’s innovation will contribute to improving medical research and the quality of life for patients. It is certainly a significant step forward in regenerative medicine and biofabrication, combining the most advanced 3D technology for generating the digital twin of a complex tissue or organ with the innovation of creating its biological twin».
Roberto Rizzo, Chairperson Solidworld GROUP

The electrospider story

Developed entirely in Italy by Bio3DPrinting, Electrospider represents the world’s only additive manufacturing solution capable of recreating tissue parts and cellular constructs for organic structures. This innovation is ideal for supporting research in areas such as cosmetics, pharmacology, oncology, vaccine development, treatments for genetic diseases, and pre-operative reconstructive surgery.

The idea for this revolutionary machine was conceived by Professor Giovanni Vozzi, an expert in electronic and computer bioengineering at the University of Pisa, who patented the system globally. Later, Bio3DPrinting, a company owned by SolidWorld Group S.p.A., took on the role of a spin-off within the University of Pisa, giving birth to the first model of a 3D bioprinter presented at the Biofabrication Congress in Montecatini in 2022.

Today, thanks to its extrusion system reminiscent of a spider’s shape, Electrospider can deposit organic material on the printing bed, replicating the process of a standard 3D printer Layer by layer, this bioprinter creates portions of “living” human tissue, developed from cells cultured in vitro and directly harvested from patients or donors This operation significantly reduces waiting times for implantable materials and the risks of rejection, enabling in-depth analysis of collected samples for research in various sectors.

Electrospider by SolidWorld GROUP represents a significant step in the evolution of medical technology, promising significant advances in regenerative medicine and medical treatments.

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