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Bio3DPrinting unveils the revolutionary Electrospider on the Davvero podcast on Spotify.

The President De Acutis of Bio3DPrinting reveals the details of the extraordinary Electrospider bioprinter on the Davvero podcast on Spotify.

May 25, 2023Bio3DPrinting, a leader in innovation in the field of biomedical 3D printing and a company of SolidWorld GROUP, is thrilled to announce that the exclusive interview with President Aurora De Acutis is now available on the Davvero podcast on Spotify. During the interview, De Acutis reveals the details and revolutionary potential of the latest-generation bioprinter, Electrospider.

Using the liquid from cells cultured in vitro to create with a 3D printer real parts of human organs, entirely similar and compatible with the body of the patient who will host them,” says De Acutis. “Our bioprinter can produce structures with microscopic precision, paving the way for the creation of organs and tissues tailored to each patient.”

The interview provides a unique opportunity to get an up-close look at the work of Bio3dPrinting and better understand the potential that the Electrospider bioprinter brings with it.

Listen to the interview on the Davvero podcast on Spotify and discover this innovative technology and its potential implications for human health.

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