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The next generation of SOLIDWORKS has arrived—more powerful, faster, and more efficient than ever before

Intuitive 3D design becomes more powerful

SOLIDWORKS Standard is an outstanding 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies and 2D drawings that requires minimal training. SOLIDWORKS Standard simplifies the design process and provides a smooth learning experience applicable to any industry by offering an intuitive interface that allows multiple users to interact easily.



SOLIDWORKS Standard delivers 3D design features, combining exceptional performance with user-friendly simplicity. In addition to crafting fully detailed parts, assemblies, and drawings for production, SOLIDWORKS equips you with all the essential tools for generating intricate surfaces, flat sheet metal repeats, and assemblies featuring structural welds.

SOLIDWORKS Standard goes beyond basic features; it encompasses procedures that automate design processes, conduct stress analysis, and assess the environmental impact of components with precision

SOLIDWORKS Standard increases design productivity.


Productivity in no time with shortcuts, customizable commands, APIs; quick learning with context menus, toolbar, command search, built-in tutorials, online help documentation searches.

3D solids modeling, conceptual design, structural planning of assemblies with SOLIDWORKS Treehouse; direct editing of model geometry, design of large assemblies, design of sheet metal parts and welds, mold design.

Automatic creation of drawing views with automatic updating, drawing standards ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS, BSI, GOST, GB; manual and automatic dimensioning and tolerancing, annotations and symbols, bill of materials (BOM), exploded views and automatic stamping notes; drilling tables, welding tables, bending tables, cutting lists, Automatic creation of radial/cylindrical exploded views.

Data search (SOLIDWORKS Search), design automation (DriveWorksXpress), part and assembly configurations; reuse of 2D and 3D CAD data, Supplier 3D CAD Models (

Moving assembly components by dragging, moving the assembly with motors;
Base rendering CAD (RealView), Walk-Through/Fly-Through 3D.

Reading printed circuit board data as 3D parts (IFC), import/export in more than 30 CAD formats, 3D models for CAD/CAM integration with CAM partners; 2D to 3D CAD conversion tools, conversion of 3D solid parts to sheet metal, annotation and visualization of design revisions (Large Design Review).

Collision and interference detection, hole and thread alignment checks.

Environmental impact analysis of parts, structural analysis of parts, basic flow analysis.

Thickness analysis, geometry checking by CAM, comparison of parts and drawings for changes, rule-based feasibility checks (DFMXpress); draft and undercut analysis, sheet metal checks and flat repeats.

The New Generation of SOLIDWORKS Standard

The new era of SOLIDWORKS, more powerful, faster and more efficient revolutionizing the world of 3D design with 3DEXPERIENCE‘s new integrated collaborative tools. From now on with SOLIDWORKS you will have the following advantages:


Real-time collaboration

Improve collaboration between company departments and teams by reducing errors and making work scalable


Accessibility to projects

Improve project accessibility and connect design and data management


New data management

Optimize and simplify the coding process with new data management integrated with PDM/PLM


Single platform

Store data in one place improving the entire product development cycle


The assistance and education plan that makes a difference!

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